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Simple Customer Entry

Simple customer info entry. Enter commercial or Residential accounts with names address and phone number and email. Commercial accounts can have work order numbers. Google Maps assist for adding addresses so they are always accurate. Download mini user’s manual for more detailed info.

Simple Service Call Entry

Simple service call creation for existing customer or new customer with the same equipment Make Model and serial number or different equipment. Able to contact customer by text or voice call from within program. Download mini user’s manual for more detailed info.

Simple Invoicing and receipts

Very simple estimate, invoice and receipt. Download mini user’s manual for more detailed info.

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Download mini user’s manual

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Know the status of service by status codes

Scheduled = When Service call is scheduled
Accepted = When customer Accept estimate.
Parts Ordered = When PO is printed or emailed.
Billed = Simultaneous with 4B
Paid = When funds have been received that match amount due and balance of amount due is $00.00


Add a new customer from calendar screen seeing available time slot openings. Calendar shows pending calls including status, New call, Call scheduled, Parts arrived, Parts on order, Billed, Paid etc. Reschedule and order parts before leaving the home.


Customer Management

Add or reschedule commercial or residential customer, add work order numbers for commercial customers. edit address, telephone number, email, Commercial customers can have many jobs with different tenants, address, phone number of tenants.

Labor Management

Create your own labor codes and pricing. Saves typing a long explanation for the labor you do. Just enter the labor code you decide you want, and it will appear on invoice written out and priced as you want. You must enter what you want the invoice to say completely the 1st time after that just the labor code you have set up.


Parts Inventory

Enter OEM part number and any subs you have found to work for that OEM part in Sub Part fields. You can customize part numbers that show on invoice that are not the OEM number but link in your data to the OEM part number, so you know what you used.

Parts inventory allows you to specify the minimum stock you want in your inventory and when that quantity is reached an orange banner is displayed across that part number to tell you are getting low.

It also displays the number in stock when making an estimate, so you know if you have it or not.

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